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Helios.net is a Belgian internet service provider. We offer a wide range of internet related services since 2005.

On top you'll find the services we offer. Detailed information for each service can be found by clicking it. Our main goal is providing a lightweight, stable and pure webhosting. Quick and useful support is the evidence.

Secondly we use our creativity to develop some great ideas by combining the qualities and opportunities of each crew member, resulting in several stylish and successful projects.

  • 07/05/16 - phpMyAdmin 2.10.1
  • 07/05/15 - New brand & logo
  • 07/05/09 - PHP 5.2.2
  • 07/04/21 - MySQL 4.1.11
  • 07/03/02 - Lighttpd 1.4.15
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Webhosting Lite
  • Diskquota: 50 MB
  • Data transfer: 1 GB
  • Mailboxes: 3
  • FTP accounts: 1
  • SQL databases: 1
  • PHP: yes
Webhosting Basic
  • Diskquota: 150 MB
  • Data transfer: 3 GB
  • Mailboxes: 10
  • FTP accounts: 1
  • SQL databases: 3
  • PHP: yes
Webhosting Pro
  • Diskquota: 250 MB
  • Data transfer: 5 GB
  • Mailboxes: 15
  • FTP accounts: 2
  • SQL databases: 5
  • PHP: yes
Webhosting Premium
  • Diskquota: 500 MB
  • Data transfer: 10 GB
  • Mailboxes: 25
  • FTP accounts: 3
  • SQL databases: 10
  • PHP: yes